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Generative Structural Design

Provide services for customized, lightweight, multi-functional and truly optimized design for additive manufacturing.


Acetabular Cup

Lightweight acetabular cup design of cellular pattern with high porosity for hip replacement. The optimized design possesses excellent load bearing capability and facilitates bone growth.


Lightweight and porous splint design for individualized treatment of bone fracture. The design meets clinical requirements with optimized load paths and over 50% weight reduction.  It is more comfortable than the traditional splints in market.

Lightweight ilium implant design with excellent load bearing capability and high porosity. The design has optimized biomedical properties and facilitates bone growth.


Lightweight structural design for industrial robots, requiring low-power supply and more flexible to perform heavy operations in assembly lines.



Cellular fuselage design for fuel-efficient aircraft. The optimized fuselage possesses excellent aerodynamic properties and high stiffness to weight ratio.


Lightweight steering knuckle design of new energy cars. The optimized cellular structure possesses excellent impulsive load bearing capability and weights 40% less than traditional designs.

Cellular Structure

Lightweight cellular structural design with high porosity, satisfying additive manufacturing constraints.

Multi-functional Design

Integrated multi-functional design for load bearing, vibration control, heat transfer and biomedical.

Topology Optimization

US-patented topology optimization technologies for high-definition designs, perfectly fit for additive manufacturing.

Agile Workflow

Automated in-house design workflow within few days to few weeks, reducing the product-to-market lead time.

General Machinery



Our Team & Partners

LEVOLUTION is a dedicated group of research scientists and engineering specialists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. We have received financial support from several entrepreneurship fundings in Hong Kong, including HKUST TSSSU, HKUST USTAR and HKUST PCF.


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